Rocksteady Reveals Secret Formula to Arkham Asylum’s Success

Gamers that have paid attention to movie-based games typically understand that their success rate is low. There have been some exceptions over the years, for example Spiderman 2 on the PlayStation 2, which received positive reviews from many game reviewers. So it was no doubt that when Batman: Arkham Asylum was announced many gamers were highly skeptical of the success of the title being developed by Rocksteady Studios. Turns out it surprised many people in a very positive way. Below is what Rocksteady had to say:

When Rocksteady talked to Warner Bros. they were essentially told to do as they feel within the Batman universe. Considering how historic the franchise is, there is a lot to work with. Develop recently sat down with Sefton Hill, co-founder of Rocksteady, to ask some questions about the level of freedom with their current Batman series, here is what he had to say.

“It was great for us that we weren’t tied to the film licence. There’s just so much Batman history beyond its films, and we drew ideas from all of that. There are decades of Batman history, go and embrace it.’ That was obviously very liberating.”

Given the fact Rocksteady was essentially given freedom to work within the Batman universe, it has restored some faith into superhero games. However, movie-centric games still remain a puzzle to be solved.