Castlevania: Lord of Shadow Arrives Way Before Halloween

August 19, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow is the high-def reboot of the decades old franchise. With this iteration being specifically overseen by the legendary Hideo Kojima, it has definitely got plenty of attention so far. It looks as though we won’t have to wait much longer to get our hands on it, as it seems that Konami has just confirmed the released date at gamescom.

Finally solidified, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will hit store shelves in the US in just six short weeks on October 5th. The game will launch in Europe just two days later on October 7th. Lords of Shadow is definitely an ambitious project, as it aims to be the first great 3D Castlevania game. Not taking place in any of the established Castlevania timelines, Lords of Shadow will focus on Gabriel Belmont as he tries to bring his wife Marie back from the dead. Konami isn’t pulling any punches with this game, going so far as to bring the phenomenal Sir Patrick Stewart on board.

While you wait, why don’t you check PlayStation LifeStyle’s E3 Impression of the game. If that gets you excited, you might even go order the Limited Edition, which is looking pretty fancy too.