Geohot Played Fundamental Role in PSJailbreak Development

Despite having announced his retirement from PlayStation 3 exploitation, it appears that Geohot’s ripples are still being felt well after his departure. Though not direct, it appears that Geohot actually played a pretty significant role in the development of the now infamous PSJailbreak device.

Although the original developers of the PSJailbreak may be taking most of the credit, they still needed to turn to Geohot’s initial PS3 exploit. The info was released via notorious PSP homebrew dev and engineer, Mathieu, while responding to several user’s tweets. The initial question went as follows:

How do they use GeoHot’s exploit over USB? Are you talking about the memory bus glitch?

To which Mathieu responded with the following:

They don’t they however originally needed geohot’s exploit to dump the usb jig auth code and disassemble it.

Later that day, another user posed the following question (in broken English):

How it can be what psjb is using geohet exploit? Isnt that exploit needs some hardware trick of ps3?

Mathieu then responded:

they are not using geohot exploit for this hack, they needed it to access the data they had to reverse to make it possible.

So even though the majority of the credit will go to those who developed the PSJailbreak device, none of it would have been possible without the initial exploit by Geohot. Additionally, and interestingly enough, both Geohot’s iPhone and PlayStation 3 development blogs have been set to private, which leads us to believe that he may still be tinkering with Sony’s hardware. Curiosity gets the best of us all, sometimes.

We certainly applaud Mathieu for providing his insight and expertise on the situation, as we aren’t all code savvy and sometimes need a little explanation here and there. For all the latest news surrounding the PSJailbreak and what it will mean for not only Sony, but yourself, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStationLifeStyle!