Fallout Sticks to Familiar Feel

August 24, 2010Written by Max Murray

Fallout: New Vegas, The follow up to the incredible Fallout 3, has promised more post-apocalyptic glory than you could ever fathom, and recently some lucky fellas got to go hands-on with it in order to get a real feel for the new world.  It seems that what they confirmed, while not revolutionary, will have every fan feeling right at home.

GameMasters relayed information after their initial impression that the mutants, Nukas and all the other trademarks of the series make their glorious reappearance, but that aesthetically, the game seems to be on par with it’s predecessor.

“At this early stage, the Nevada wastelands don’t seem massively different to those of Washington,” GameMasters wrote.

“We’ll admit, New Vegas is no revolution (graphically it didn’t seem any better than Fallout 3) but we’ve only just scratched the surface of what Obsidian have in store. The Fallout hunger has returned.”

Their eyes have seen what no one else has, as the first outsider’s to get up close and personal with Vegas. No doubt that this confirmation will help ease some of the concerns of change fans have been feeling for the past month. Are you worried about the series taking an unexpected turn, or are you in complete faith that Obsidian can do no wrong? Let us know below!