Incredible Sonic & Knuckles Fan Video Shows Sega How It’s Done

An absolutely incredible 3D, fan-made remake of Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2, from Sonic & Knuckles, has shown up on the web and it will have Sonic enthusiasts’ jaws on the floor!

The video, having only been on the web for one day, has raked in over 70,000 views thus far, and was created by YouTube user and 3D artist Robert Medina. The 3D modeling is exquisite, Sonic’s rotation and foot movement is CORRECT, and the attention to detail is amazing, especially the rays of light peaking through the trees in the background. This video is absolutely beautiful and represents exactly what gamers have been clamoring to see in the upcoming Sonic 4. But enough jabbering from us, check out the video below!

So far, Sega has taken notice of this on Sonic City Blognik, but what we really want is for the Sonic development team to take notice, because this is exactly what gamers want! Why Sega has failed to nail down the look and feel that many have been asking for is beyond us, but it’s safe to say that all excuses are no longer valid, because we have a perfect example right here. Sega, be a lamb and hire this guy already… we’re serious!

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