BioShock 2 Surprises with New Single-Player DLC

August 27, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

The less-than-stunning, but still good sequel BioShock 2 has gotten DLC support at odd times since its release in February. A mix of multi-player maps, single-player missions, and even a new game mode, the downloadable content has had as many mixed reviews as the main game itself. 2K Games just announced some more content today, probably the last, and it’ll be coming  in just a few days.

With the Protector Trials pack coming out at the beginning of this month, Minerva’s Den will be rounding out August for your BioShock 2 needs. The new content will actually be narrative focused, running parallel to the main story. This means that clearing the main campaign is not needed to access this new part of the game. Introducing three new areas, new weapons, six Little Sisters, and a new tonic for those who also have the Protector Trials.

This new DLC will put the player in the place of Sigma, another Alpha-series Big Daddy, working directly with Dr. Brigid Tennenbaum. Working to take down a new antagonist, Reed Wahl, Sigma will have to take down Rapture’s supercomputer protected by new types of Big Daddies. The new chapter of the game will also be focused a lot more on exploration, making it a lot less linear than the original game itself.

Minerva’s Den will be releasing this Tuesday, August 31st for $9.99.