Sony Breaks PSJailbreak Sales

August 28, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Since release, the PlayStation 3 has always been deemed impervious to hacks. Of course, this has not stopped the hacking community from attempting to breach the firmware security of the console. In recent events, however, the hardware modding community succeeded in “jailbreaking”, that is cracking the hardware to run unauthorized code on the console. While Sony has been able to suppress past attempts with security patches in re-released firmware updates, the manufacture has yet to place a firm grasp on the PSJailbreak. Now, however, the Japanese company has made a stride in potentially putting an end to this.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia just won a court case against the PSJailbreak entity to block sales of the device. Currently, the parameters of the case specify a blockade on sales until the end of the current month, August 31, 2010. In addition to a ban to sales and exports to the devices, the settlement also specifies that the remaining PSJailbreak devices must be forfeited to Sony Computer Entertainment until further notice until the specified deadline. But what about after the August 31st date? From  now until the end of the month, Sony will attempt to extend this settlement into a permanent ban on the devices by proving the harmful effects the devices has on the platform and of course to the potential sales of games that have been pirated.

Since we do not condone piracy or anything else of this sort, we recommend that PS3 owners stay away from the device as it could result in a PlayStation Network ban to the player. With that said, how do you feel about the whole PSJailbreak situation and the way it is being handled by both Sony and the legal system? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.