Open Source Hack Hits PS3

After warning and pleading with customers to only buy the “original”, PSJailbreak is now in serious trouble. Everyone who pre-ordered the device might just be kicking themselves right about now. The reports of the device being cloned evidently were true; courtesy of PSGroove.

PSGroove is an open source, reverse-engineered version of the PSJailbreak exploit with one notable exception: no backup manager is included by default. The lack of the back manager allows you to remove the USB dongle without crashing the system, unlike the PSJailbreak.

In the short time since it has been released, CJPC, well known in the PS3 scene, has detailed how to modify the exploit to play archived games. A compiled version of PSGroove with that fix is already available; hex codes for the right board types are being released – The PS3 Scene is exploding.

Sony is still remaining silent. Inevitably they are formulating an attack – The question I wonder is: How long are they going to wait?