PlayStation 3 Possibly Throwing a 3rd Birthday

All good things come from tiny beginnings it seems, and that is the exact approach that Square Enix is taking with The 3rd Birthday. The game is releasing on the PSP and according to the games producer, it could be seeing a PS3 release in the future.

Speaking to website DigitialSpy at gamescom, Yoshinori Kitase revealed that his team is looking towards moving the series onto the PlayStation 3 but warns that this can only happen in The 3rd Birthday sells well on the PSP.

“Obviously it depends how successful this game is, but if it is successful, we have the idea to extend the series for PS3.”

But with the game releasing this winter in Japan and later in 2011 for the rest of us, don’t expect to see it on the PS3 any time in the near future.