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Is Parasite Eve Being Revived for PlayStation?

Square Enix recently filed a trademark that has fans hoping for the revival of beloved PlayStation series Parasite Eve. The action role-playing horror video games have not seen a new entry since 2011, but that hasn’t stopped fans (including us) from keeping fingers crossed for a new game. Speculation suggests that our prayers might end up being answered. So what’s this trademark for? Something called “Symbiogenesis.”

Why fans think Parasite Eve is returning

As pointed out by Gematsu, Symbiogenesis is described as “the merging of two separate organisms to form a single new organism.” This concept formed the basis of 1995 novel Parasite Eve, which was later turned into a series of video games for PlayStation platforms by none other than Square Enix. This theory could be a bit of a stretch but the series’ cult following refuses to let go. Back in 2018, Square Enix filed a fresh trademark application for Parasite Eve, but nothing came out of that development.

The first game in the series launched on the original PlayStation in 1998, followed by Parasite Eve II in 1999. The last game in the series, titled The 3rd Birthday, released for PSP in 2010.

What the chances of Parasite Eve’s revival are is anybody’s guess.