10,000 years later, White Knight Chronicles Hits the PSP

In a gaming world dominated by ‘quasi-RPGS’, Level 5’s White Knight Chronicles series has been vastly underrated since it debuted last year. After having found residence on the PlayStation 3 console, it looks like the team at Level 5 is aiming to push the world of WKC onto the PlayStation Portable with White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable: Dogma Wars.

First off, as the name implies, the game’s setting takes place 10,000 years before the original game, which means The Dogma Wars are going on and the White Knight isn’t going to be your ally. As with the original WKC, you’ll create an avatar that will accompany you during both offline and online play. The interesting note is that Level 5 is NOT producing the PSP entry, but an internal team at SCEJ is instead. However, like we reported in June, Level 5 will be helping ‘supervise’ the title. If you remember correctly, the White Knight Chronicles franchise is owned by SCEJ, not Level 5.

If you’re wondering why the WKC jumped ship to the PSP, it’s easy to explain. As some of you may know, portable gaming is huge in Japan due to mobile lifestyle that they live. Given that White Knight Chronicles is in fact a Japanese franchise, it’s a given that it’d eventually migrate over to the handheld world.

Although no news has been announced pertaining to a US or EU release of White Knight Chronicles 2, PlayStation LifeStyle will be here to tell you all about it and news regarding the PSP version of White Knight Chronicles when the times comes, so stay tuned.