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Cross Game Chat – Episode 2 [Now on iTunes]

You asked, and last week we finally delivered our first podcast. This is set to be a weekly feature, and will publish every Monday. Tune in below for Cross Game Chat’s second episode.

The gang’s all here: Josh Fernandes, Adam Wolfe, Cameron Teague and Paulmichael Contreras get together to discuss the week’s hottest articles as featured on PSLS. Our special guest this week is Allen Tyson. Allen is a fresh face at PSLS, having come aboard to the staff at the beginning of the month. He joins us for our discussion regarding collector’s editions of games and what merits and vices they have. Listen in for an impersonation of Robert De Niro by Josh (how good it is will be up to you), a math fail by Paulmichael, and a whole lot more. Enjoy the podcast, and of course e-mail us with questions, suggestions or whatever else you may want to [email protected]. Thanks for listening!

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