Cross-Play Podcast Episode #2: CliffyB, Don’t Turn on the Red Light

Cross-Play is back. Nope, Sony still hasn’t caved, but the Cross-Play Podcast brings you the greatest collaborative podcast between PSLS writers and Game Revolution writers, crossing state lines and even welcoming a British dude to the show because someone’s voice has to sound sultry and good.

The Cross-Play Podcast sees worlds collide as PlayStation LifeStyle and our sister site Game Revolution come together to talk about what we all do best: games. In this second episode, we talk about God of War and the amazing reviews it has been receiving, along with our own impressions (those of us who have played it). We also extensively talk about our thoughts on the PlayStation 5, and then go over Cliff Bleszinski’s move to his new battle royale game, Radical Heights. At the end we answer a few reader questions about- oh, wait. No we don’t. We didn’t get any listener questions last week! Maybe this week will fare better?

This is the next episode in a weekly podcast series for PSLS and GR readers (and now listeners), with every new episode coming to you right here on PSLS every Tuesday (yeah, we’re late this week. Bite me). We’re always looking for more questions from our readers to answer in each episode, so if there’s something you wanted to ask us, then sound off in the comments section below.

In our next episode, we’ll also be bringing some detailed discussion regarding the next God of War ahead of its release (don’t worry, we’ll stay spoiler-free). If you want to find out more about one of the year’s most highly anticipated new releases, then you need to tune in next Tuesday!

This episode of the Cross-Play Podcast features PSLS Editor-in-Chief Cameron Teague and Senior Editor Chandler Wood joined by GR’s Executive Editor Paul Tamburro and Lead Editor Jason Faulkner, with us covering the biggest releases of the past couple of weeks along with the biggest gaming news. Listen to the podcast with SoundCloud and YouTube below. We have iTunes and Spotify versions set to follow in the very near future:

What did you think of this episode of the Cross-Play Podcast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll see you next week!