PS Plus Members Score Early Access to Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Demo

While it may not be the biggest news, PlayStation Plus is slowly developing into a program that continues to deliver not only massive savings to its members, but exclusive access to upcoming demos as well, like Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

Though normally scheduled for a September 15th debut, it looks like those who adorn the PS Plus badge will be getting their hands on Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 a wee bit earlier, a full week early, to be exact. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting PES 2011 and are a PS Plus subscriber, then next week is when you’ll want to look out for it. Those who aren’t subscribed to the service will have to wait an additional week. It’s sort of funny how PSN users used to get frustrated with XboxLive users snagging early demo access and whatnot over the past few years. Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now, but still… for a price.