Insomniac Reveals Four Nixed “All 4 One” Titles

If there are two things Insomniac are known for with their Ratchet and Clank games, it’s their wacky, completely over-the-top weapons and their seemingly innocent sounding titles which border on being double entendres. But with Insomniac’s latest Ratchet name reveal, All 4 One, it looked like the team at Burbank had completely overlooked the elephant in the room: “4play”.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case at all, they had just decided to take the more family friendly approach to naming this game. The Insomniac guys did, however, let us in on a couple of other names they had thrown around for the game: Ratchet and Clank “Bros b4 Foes”; “Fiends with Benefits” and, my personal favourite, “Multiple Organisms”.

You might remember that last years Ratchet and Clank game, A Crack in Time also received a name change after the kill-joys in legal didn’t want to risk running with the title “Clock-Blockers”. On reflection, that was probably a wise move, but for the latest game, I think any of the other four names mentioned above would be more appealing than the slightly cheesy moniker it has now. I’m sure the creative masterminds that read PSLS also have some ideas they want to bandy around, let’s hear them in the comments!