Activision Calling Hollywood for Duty

The Call of Duty series went from a realistic war simulator to a next-generation blockbuster franchise. Stretching all the way from the historic World War II setting up to modern perspectives, the genre-defining first-person shooter today is perhaps this generation’s most popular title on home consoles. With superstar numbers to back up the talented teams that develop the game, the latest iteration is in for Hollywood help.

Ed Harris

Activision revealed a couple of noteworthy voice talents present in the cast of Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops. Famous for his role as James Gordon in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is Gary Oldman who is the voice of Russian character Victor Reznov, originally from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Next to the voice cast roster is Ed Harris from the 1995 Apollo 13 who plays the voice of Jason Hudson, an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Gary Oldman

On the production side of development, writer of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, David S. Goyer is lending his hand in the script writing department. With the same figures that help craft Oscar-winning box office hits contributing to Treyarch’s latest title, the developers are undoubtedly excited. According to Treyarch studio head, Mark Lamia:

“Oldman, Harris and Goyer are considered some of Hollywood’s finest talents and they perfectly complement Call of Duty: Black Ops’ ambitious and immersive single player experience. Their contributions have helped us to push the boundaries of our story telling and character development far beyond anything we have ever attempted before in the franchise.”

The blurring of the barrier between motion pictures and video games has been mentioned in the past time and time again and with collaborations like these, it will only be a matter of time before both mediums of entertainment will be placed on the same pedestal in the eyes of the public. After all, games like Medal of Honor are still not quite accepted as would a movie of the same content. In any case, only time will tell.