New Zealand Minister Dismisses Game as a Medal of Dishonor

When the resurrection of the Medal of Honor franchise by Electronic Arts was revealed and showcased at this year’s E3, the general consensus was grateful of the EA Los Angeles and EA DICE collaboration. Only weeks after the extensive announcements of the in-game factions and oppositions, however, great controversy was raised pertaining to the ability to play as oppositions of today’s ongoing war in the Middle-East.

Adding on to the list of protesters against the modern-day first-pereson shooter is the Minister of Defense of New Zealand, Wayne Mapp. According to the New Zealand Minister of Defense:

“This game undermines the values of our nation, and the dedicated service of our men and women in uniform. Terrorist acts have caused the deaths of several New Zealanders. Hundreds of New Zealand servicemen and women have put their lives on the line in Afghanistan to combat terrorism, and this month Lieutenant Tim O’Donnell died in action over there.”

While the struggle in the Middle-East is nothing to take lightly, it is ultimately up to the consumers to judge whether or not they will support the product by purchasing it because it seems like with Medal of Honor, freedom of speech will reign superior among the outcry. What do you personally think in regards to the situation? Tell us in the comments below.