Tekken X Street Fighter Getting KO’d By 3D

As fighting game fans worldwide await the release of crossover Tekken X Street Fighter, details are ever-so-slowly trickling out. This latest piece of news, however, may disappoint fans of 3D technology.

In speaking with CVG in a double-interview, Katsuhiro Harada of the Tekken team stated that they have done some internal researching and that fighting games, while not the first thing people may think of then talking about 3D games, do look impressive when using the technology. When asked if 3D would likely be included in this fighter, Katsuhiro Harada replied:

“…there is still the technological hurdle, as mentioned previously. It’s kind of hard to say at this point.”

The other interviewee, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono, went into a bit more technical detail about how the framerate is the biggest hurdle to enabling 3D in the game:

“…if you think about the frame-rate, with 3D games it is doubled and because both of our fighting games are of high-grade gaming it is 60 frames per second. Running a 120 fps game is pretty difficult so we’re not sure about that.”

So it sounds like 3D has the upper hand for this generation of fighting games. Would you like to see a fighting game in 3D? Or would the extra depth to the scene perhaps be more of a distraction than an advantage? Let us know below. Tekken X Street Fighter does not yet have a release date.