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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s Chun-Li Getting a Makeover Following Negative Feedback

Some other characters will be reworked as well.

PlayStation Store Now Features PS4 Game Recommendations From Shuhei Yoshida & Other Creators

See what Shuhei, Hermen Hulst, and Yoshinori Ono recommend.

Capcom Teases Street Fighter Surprises, Likely Coming at E3 or Comic Con

No Rival Schools, by the way.

Street Fighter V Support Planned Out “As Far as 2020 or So”

Street Fighter V’s sales will decide the future.

Street Fighter V Producer: “We Underestimated the Popularity of Some of the Single-Player Features”

He knows it probably would’ve been better received with more features at launch.

Yoshinori Ono Apologizes for Street Fighter V Online Issues, Patch Info Coming Soon

He’s “terribly sorry.”

Street Fighter V Will Include a Prologue at Launch to Introduce the Characters, More Story Details Coming Soon

The exact number of characters in SFV’s lifetime are still TBD.

PSX 2015: FANG Revealed for Street Fighter V, Season Pass Available Soon

Six additional characters revealed as well.

Capcom Aiming to Release Street Fighter V DLC Fighters Every Two Months, 2nd Wave Confirmed

Ono says there’s plenty of time for Xbox One owners to save $300 and buy a PS4 before launch.

Street Fighter V is a PS4 and PC Title Because Capcom Wanted to “Unify the Community”

Sony provided the support Capcom needed.

Capcom to Consider Expanding Classic Fighter Alex’s Role in Street Fighter V

No promises have been made, though.

Street Fighter V Will Release in Spring 2016 Across All Regions, “No Region Will Be Late”

“We will have a simultaneous [Street Fighter 5] release all across the world”

Street Fighter V Brazil Stage Revealed, SFIII and SF Alpha 3 Fighters Rumored to Be Part of the Roster

Four characters rumored to be part of the final roster.

Capcom Likely to Bring Street Fighter V to E3 2015

Yoshinori Ono dropping hints.

Yoshinori Ono: Street Fighter V to Be “Something That Nobody is Expecting”

SFV will be a game that “encompasses all that Street Fighter has become in the last few years.”

Yoshinori Ono Would Like to Make Street Fighter V for PlayStation Vita “in the Future”

Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 is in the final phase of testing.

Capcom on Deep Down: “Something Big” Might be Shown Off in 2015, Hedging Their Bets on It for 15 Years

Dragon’s Dogma Online will release before Deep Down.

Capcom Considering Community Input for Street Fighter V Character Roster

Capcom prefers a small roster.

Street Fighter V Development Currently 20 Percent Complete, Claims Yoshi Ono

Not surprising…

Charlie Nash to Return in Street Fighter V

From Alpha to V.