PS3 Was Proper Forecast for Heavy Rain

David Cage, famed founder of Quantic Dream, believes that choosing the PS3 as the main platform for their critically acclaimed title, Heavy Rain, was indeed the right decision.  Thanks to the capacity that the Blu-ray offered, it allowed them to achieve their ambitious goals, providing more content and in-depth presentation for their fans.

In an interview with, Cage expressed much content with siding along Sony, calling it “the perfect move.”

“I’m absolutely happy with the agreement with Sony. It was the perfect move.

“It was the right platform for what we wanted to achieve. It was the platform with the Blu-ray disc, promoting movies, promoting a more sophisticated entertainment experience.”

In spite of the positive charm that he expressed towards their relationship with Sony, Mr. Cage is still trying to determine his forecast for Quantic Dream’s future, and whether it will continue its PS3 exclusivity.

“With Heavy Rain it was right, but after Heavy Rain the question can be asked whether we should stick to one platform or open out to different platforms.

“Now that we’re established why are we limiting ourselves to one share of the market when we can reach more? There are pros and cons, and it’s not an easy decision.”

Heavy Rain enjoyed many positive reviews and allowed Quantic Dream to make their move into the spotlight.  They also have plans to release a patch that will allow PS Move functionality with their crime-solving thriller.  As of now, Quantic Dream is currently working on “two very different projects,” and we will be sure to bring you their secrets once we catch wind of them.