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Take Control of The 3rd Birthday

The 3rd Birthday has gone from being quietly off the radar, to front and center with news coming almost daily. With TGS next week, Square Enix gives us a look into the control scheme available as you guide Aya through her journey.

On the official site for The 3rd Birthday – in the bottom left corner — Square Enix released new details: The TGS 2010 Version Instruction Manual;which details the game’s controls.

Here is a translation of the chart:

L: Reload

L (Hold): Open weapon change menu

D-pad: When in lock-on mode (R pressed and held), switch off between lock-on targets. In other situations, free camera control.

Analogue pad: Player movement

R: Camera reset

R (Hold): Ready weapon/lock on

Triangle: Overdive. If you hold this down, you can press left or right on d-pad to select target and press down to cancel out.

Circle: Hand grenade

X: Evade and various actions

Square: Shot

Triangle + Circle: Engage Liberation

Start: Pause

As a side note, the card does have a misprint: when you fire at enemy you hold R, not L and press square.

Included in the control scheme were details on the game’s “Liberation” system. Liberation is a special attack mode for Aya; when Triangle and Circle are held together you enter a special attack mode. During the special attack mode, Aya’s abilities are enhanced —  she can automatically evade attacks and her shots become special – this comes at a cost though as it drain’s her Liberation gauge; only when that gauge is full can she unleash her attack.

With the recent push Square Enix is giving The 3rd Birthday, hopefully the release the demo for download and give us all a chance to experience the game – it’s definitely shaping up to be very intriguing.