Sega Slips Up, Valkyria Chronicles 3 Reveal at TGS Confirmed

SEGA seems to have slipped up on what should be a huge announcement at at the nearing Tokyo Game Show. Valkyria Chronicles 3, which has been rumored since a teaser site went live, has accidentally been confirmed by SEGA.

Thanks to the people at NeoGAF, we have an image of Sega’s official show schedule for the Tokyo Game Show. If you take the public schedule from SEGA’s site and convert the file from .gif to .jpg, you will see just what many of us have hoped for, Valkyria Chronicles 3. However, no platform is specified on the chart but chances are it’ll be on the PlayStation 3, and it’s worth noting that the schedule allots dates both on 9/16 and 9/19 for the title.