Play, Create, Share Coming to Mega Man Universe

Behold! Reddish Man!

You really have to hand it to LittleBigPlanet for ushering in a new era of user-generated content on home consoles, something that was previously solely the domain of PC gaming. Now, all kinds of games have similar creation and sharing aspects to them, such as ModNation Racers, Gravity CrashPlanet MiniGolf, and even Gran Turismo 5 with its track editor. You  can also add Mega Man to that list, as some new details have recently surfaced showcasing some of its creation elements.

MMU's tile-based level editor.

Although details on Mega Man Universe are still fairly scarce, one thing has been emphasized thus far: the game will not only be customizable, but it will also foster creativity with a tile-based level editor, pictured above. These levels can then be shared to other players online for a challenge (or torture, depending on how devious the creator was when designing it).

Anyone know Japanese?

Seen above, we have the character creation screen. Your character has stats, and they seem to be affected by the types of items you put on. These items are categorized as a special weapon, chip, or a regular item. The weapons and chips appear to be from other characters, so you can have a mashup of different enemies and allies in your customized character. Take a look at some more screenshots in the gallery below and let us know what you think!

Mega Man Univserse is set to release sometime next year, but you can get your hands on the title early if you are lucky enough to attend TGS this year.