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Spider-Man 2 PS5 Briefly Appeared on PS Store Following Dev Tease

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 briefly appeared on the PS Store, where players were able to wish list the title until Sony yanked the page. This follows a series of teasers by the game’s cast as well as Insomniac Games itself, all pointing towards a new trailer or new information before the end of 2022.

Insomniac appeared to tease Spider-Man 2 PS5 news with a gif

Two days ago, Miles Morales actor Nadji Jeter released a video on his Instagram wearing motion capture gear. “We’re gonna end the year right with y’all,” he said. The following day, Insomniac Games’ Community Director tweeted the following gif:

Earlier today, users across ResetEra and Reddit spotted a PS Store listing for Spider-Man 2, with the ability to wish list the title. The page was subsequently taken down and remains down at the time of this writing.

Image credit: Natsuki_Subaru (ResetEra)

Previously, Venom voice actor Tony Todd teased what fans can expect from Spider-Man 2, stating that it’ll feature intense action.

All these developments have fans’ hopes up for a new trailer. Fingers crossed for something soon!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the next major PS5-exclusive blockbuster, is apparently still on track to release in 2023. No further information has been provided yet.