Marvel's Spider-Man 3 gameplay leak

Spider-Man 3 Alpha Gameplay Apparently Leaked

Over the weekend, images and gameplay footage purportedly from a very early build of Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 leaked online. The ongoing Insomniac Games leaks all result from the same ransomware attack that took place in December 2023, with Sony struggling to take them down.

Alleged Spider-Man 3 gameplay leak reveals a new protagonist

We’re not going to directly paste the leaks here (they can be found on Reddit and X), but we will briefly discuss the information that we’ve gathered from them, so those worried about spoilers should proceed with caution.

The images purportedly from Spider-Man 3 show Cindy Moon/Silk swinging around New York. Interestingly, she did make an appearance towards the end of Spider-Man 2, when Miles Morales’ mother invites her boyfriend over to dinner. Her boyfriend, Albert Moon, brings his daughter with him. Although we don’t really see her — you’ve already guessed it — it’s Cindy.

Then, there’s some gameplay footage circulating on X. To reiterate, it appears to be from a very early build with reused assets, and isn’t indicative of the final product whatsoever. Apparently, a team of Brazlian modders who made a playable PC build of Spider-Man 2 following the hack are now bringing Spider-Man 3 to life as well.

Spider-Man 3 is unlikely to release before Marvel’s Wolverine, which seems to be Insomniac’s next big project. At this point, it’s hard to say if Spider-Man 3 will be a PS5 game or a PS6 game (or both).