Set New Records with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Autologs

Autolog is a “living, breathing, dynamic social experience that is the very heartbeat” of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Autolog takes the social aspect of the game and makes it easier then ever to connect to your friends that are currently playing the game. Electronic Arts has now released a new video showcasing this unique feature that will be found within the forthcoming racer.

A Product Marketing representative from Electronic Arts recently explained a bit more about Autolog to our staff during a hands-on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit event:

“Every aspect of the game is accessed and controlled. You can see what all of your friends are doing and that is updated in real time automatically. You can compete against them head to head, or just try to beat their times. Every time one of your friends sets a new record, you will be notified and you can jump right in and try to top them.”

Check out the video below:

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is currently scheduled for a release on November 16th in the US, and November 19th, 2010 for Europe.