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Kojima Kids Regarding Metal Gear Solid 5, Fans Get Anxious

Kojima-san, in his regular happy-go-lucky way, threw a bone out to the Metal Gear Solid community, teasing that he might just bring about the development of Metal Gear Solid 5.

Speaking jovially at the Tokyo Game Show, Kojima uttered the following:

Maybe I’ll do 5.

So simple a phrase, yet so powerful. Kojima has joked before about making another full-blown Metal Gear Solid game for consoles, but noted that it would either be that or another series entirely, since he puts all his effort behind a game, once development begins. With the way Metal Gear Rising is looking, and the direction that the team decided to take, we wouldn’t be surprised if Hideo went ahead and made another MGS, just so that the last game in the series is one to be proud of.

Well Mr. Kojima, we hear ya, and we’re pining for more Metal Gear Solid goodness; won’t you indulge us? For more wacky quotes from Kojima, as well as the inevitable trail of breadcrumbs that will eventually lead to Metal Gear Solid 5, stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!