ModNation Racers Frees Up Region Restrictions

In spite of ModNation Racers’ overall success, some race jocks have harbored some gripes against its multiplayer feature.  It wasn’t that the online racing was lacking in exhilarating thrills and nail-biting gameplay, but rather the restriction to playing with your buddies only in your region.   Now that disappointment can be left in the dust.

The devs over at United Front Games had admitted that the region limitation was a result of how the game handled transferring the large amount of shared data between all the players for an online match.  At the time of the title’s release, the current data transferring would only work well within shorter distances, mainly to preserve the performance of the game.  However, after a few mods to their own ModNation Racer, they’ve finally manage to optimize the transfer protocols to enable worldwide racing!

The latest version of ModNation Racer 1.4 should take care the former restriction, and set you free to race with your pen pals on the other side of the world!