PS3 Firmware 3.50 Restricts Unlicensed Controllers

With each new PlayStation 3 software revision, features are both added and removed as the platform holder sees fit. From the removal of the “otherOS” functionality to the introduction of PlayStation Network Trophies, it is clear that the PS3 experience is abundantly transformed now compared to the release. However, it has not all been fun and games when it comes to firmware updates.

With the recent hardware hacks and peripheral releases for the PS3, Sony has been cracking down on any chance of foul play on their flagship platform. The latest update, version 3.50, was found to have had another secret change unannounced in its change log. According to an update to Sony’s consumer alerts web page:

“Counterfeit PlayStation3 Wireless Controllers, which are practically identical in appearance to genuine PlayStation3 Wireless Controllers, have been discovered in the market. SCEA advises consumers to be cautious when buying PlayStation3 Wireless Controllers from uncertain sources as the quality, reliability and safety of counterfeit products is uncertain, and in some cases, may be dangerous.”

The advisory message goes on to inform users that counterfeit devices may “ignite or explode, resulting in injury or damage to the user, your PlayStation3 computer entertainment system, or other property”. This is a risk surely anyone is not willing to take, no matter how cheap the peripheral or pad may be.

Because the PS3 was hackable via means of USB devices, it is obvious Sony blocked off all unregistered USB devices to prevent something like the PSJailbreak from happening again. Regardless, if you as an end user find that one of your devices has stopped functioning on the PS3 that used to prior firmware 3.50, tell us in the comments below or in our community forums.