F1 2011 Features Already Being Planned

Back in June, we spotted a tweet from Codemasters talking about what they’d like to see in F1 2011, the sequel to the just-released/releasing (if you’re in the UK) racer. While that tweet was hardly a confirmation, there is now hard evidence that a sequel is already in the works.

In speaking with Eurogamer, Senior Producer Paul Jeal and Lead Designer Stephen Hood, Stephen let slip the following:

“We’re not doing DLC…because Paul and I have already started on ’11 now…”

Paul Jeal had also earlier in the interview mentioned that a major aspect of F1 2011’s development will be overhauling the “Live the Life” career mode present in this year’s game. This is a game mode that allows you to play as a rookie driver, complete with fielding the media’s questions at press conferences, signing autographs and competing with your teammate(s) for new parts:

“We had some great ideas which have been fairly well stripped back in development for both Live the Life and multiplayer.”

This sounds familiar to MLB: The Show’s Road To The Show mode, which started off with some nice features and has rapidly progressed to a highly immersive and polished experience. Do you like the idea of a career simulator such as these in sports games? Or do you prefer a more traditional career mode? F1 2010 is out now in every major market except Japan, and you can expect a review on PlayStation LifeStyle soon.