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PSP2 Dev Kits Coming To a Developer Near You

For all those PSP fans who have enjoying Sony’s mighty little handheld for the past five or so years, an upgrade is on its way, and we’re not talking about another PSPgo, we’re talking about the PSP2.

Yes, you heard us right, the PSP2. Earlier in the month it was reported that Netherrealm Studios already had their hands on the “60fps” handheld machine, and now Develop is adding credence to this rumor, with the site claming that dev kits for the PSP’s successor are currently in the hands of numerous developers, and are still being shipped out.

With dev kits going out so early, it’s looking like Sony is preparing a massive wave of games, come launch time. And don’t expect this to go the way of the PSPgo (exclusively supporting digital titles), as Sony’s Kaz Hirai has stated that the company has no plans to abandon physical media at this time, which is excellent news.

The PSP2 is rumored to release sometime in 2011, so be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all the details!


Thanks to gtamaster503 for the tip!