Vita Was Never Designed to Be the PSP2

The PlayStation Vita was “never designed to be PSP2,” stated John Koller, SCEA’s director of hardware marketing, in a developer diary all about Sony’s new handheld. He goes on to talk about how Sony looked at “a really broad range of things,” with the Vita and that Sony “stopped talking about mobile and other portable devices.”

In the video below, we hear from people at Sony Worldwide Studios, Santa Monica Studios, and San Diego Studios about the development of the Vita, how close it comes to a PS3 in your hands, and just how much it will amaze everyone when they get their hands on it. This is a seven minute video detailing how psyched the people behind the Vita are and should hopefully start getting everyone else pretty damn excited — as if you aren’t already.



The PlayStation Vita will be launching in Japan on December 17th, with North America and Europe having to wait until February 22nd. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.