First Resistance 3 Screens and Concept Art Leaked

Well, it’s been a while coming, but after the official announcement at this year’s gamescom, fans of Insomniac’s alternate history shooter, Resistance, finally have some screens of the Burbank studios latest outing to gawp over.

The screens, leaked on to one member’s Flickr account, give away some potential information on this little known game. As already postulated, the St Louis Arch and New York will be features in the game, and, according to some of the titles of the images, we will be playing, or at least encountering, one of the protagonists from the previous game: Capelli. Other locations from the pictures appear to include an abandoned prison, an underground shanty town and a place known as “Haven”.

Take a look at the screens for yourself. First impressions on the look of the game are fairly positive: the game has a lot more graphical oomph this time around and the feel is certainly in keeping with the teaser trailer they used to début the game. We can’t wait to see more!