Medal of Honor Recruits Award-Winning Composer for Score

Forget what you know about the Medal of Honor series. No longer is the series grounded during the World War II, like every previous entry in the series. Due to the of amazing success of the Modern Warfare series, Medal of Honor has been thrown into the present day, as you battle as both Army Rangers and Tier 1 Operators in the war-torn country of Afghanistan. To reflect these changes, EA and Danger Close Games have done their best to show these changes in-game. Now the teams have something else to hang on their mantle as a Hollywood Award-winning Composer has joined the ensemble to help craft the game’s epic score.

Did you enjoy the scores of such films as Iron Man, Mr. Brooks, The TV show Prison Break or Clash of the Titans? Good news! Ramin Djawadi, who happened to compose the score for them all, is the composer working on Medal of Honor’s score. Mr. Djawadi (say that five times fast!) the wide range of sound that he has created for the game.

The fact that it is modern day with various locations asked for a completely different approach both stylistically and thematically. The score is very widespread from emotional orchestral to edgy modern action. Western and ethnic instruments are used to represent the different cultures.

He also talked about how much of  a challenge is was working on the game’s theme for both different faction of soldiers.

Designing a score that captures both the scalpel-like quite professionalism of the Tier 1 Operators and the sledge hammer action of big military has been a unique challenge.

And last, he spoke about what he hoped to bring to the game’s score overall.

The music is designed to dynamically ebb and flow, complementing the big action sequences with thundering electric guitar and bass, and the quiet stealth with haunting strings and hymns. It is like a Hollywood action movie score on steroids.

Medal of Honor looks to challenge the Call of Duty franchise this October 12th in the US and on October 15th in EU.