Surprised by the NBA Elite 11 Delay? So Were the Developers

With only a week before its release, EA Sports shocked the gaming world when the President of EA Sports, Peter Moore, announced that NBA Elite 11 would be delayed from its October 5th launch date until sometime in 2011. For those of who you have pre-ordered the game and were ready for next week’s release, I’m sure you were surprised. But get this, even the developers didn’t see this coming, and someone from the team wasn’t afraid to speak out on the subject at hand.

An EA Sports developer speaking out on the ‘Operation Sports’ forums admitted that they heard about the delay at about the same time we, the buyers, did.

The entire dev team found out this morning. A bit of a shock as you might imagine.

He didn’t stop there though, as the developer was more than willing to bring more clarification to the situation.

Nothing apart from what you read in Peter Moore’s blog has been decided yet. I’ve been in meetings all day discussing the possibilities. One thing you can be sure of is that the community will be heavily involved, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since the community feedback was one of the major driving factors in the decision.

So who said developers and publishers don’t listen any more? First Sucker Punch went back and changed Cole’s look AGAIN for inFamous 2, when fans wouldn’t stop complaining about his new look and now disappointing hands-on with the NBA Elite 11 demo from the community have forced EA Sports to delay Elite 11 so that the team can create the best game possible.

If a possible new release date is revealed, PlayStation LifeStyle will be here to let you know!