Ninja Theory Clarifies Concerns on PS3 DmC Development

October 1, 2010Written by Allen Tyson


Ninja Theory is hard at work on the latest adventures of Dante in their title called DMC. Despite what has to be a hectic schedule, they aren’t too busy to converse with fans on their forums…and let them know all is well on PS3 development

In a recent forum post, statements were made  by a developer for Ninja Theory that “it’s usually harder for us to get things working fast on the PS3”. A statement like that can be taken multiple ways; which has caused conclusions to be drawn and interpretations to be made. In a very , The Legend of Billie Jean-esque way, another developer is “setting the record straight.”

Developer DomVs, clarified things by stating:

To clarify, and to ensure that this point is not being misinterpreted, we develop for both the PS3 And Xbox 360 simultaneously and equally. However the PS3 development is slightly more complex, so some additional skill is required for this platform.

It is not being said that we do not have this skill, it is just being said that this skill is required.

That could certainly raise more questions than it answers. One important thing to notice in all this is the following: developers are engaging the fans. For those watching how this titles progresses (such as myself), you couldn’t ask for a better situation.