Latest DC Universe Online Footage is Not for the Faint of Heart

October 5, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

With the news that DC Universe Online has been delayed, a collective sigh was heard across the web by fans (like myself) who had November 2nd marked on their calendars. With such a talented staff behind the project, the commitment to ensuring that a quality product is delivered is admirable, and adding a collectors edition with a Jim Lee poster does take the edge off a bit. After watching the latest footage released, I’m not sure if I would have been ready by November 2nd anyway after what I saw.

The latest footage of DCUO shows participants tearing the city apart. Heroes and Villans engaged in combat—your guess is as good as mine as to who’s who—wielding various powers hard to describe.

Now we all have a little longer to define the parameters for our character, and more motivation to do whatever is necessary to get in to the beta. Personally I blame Lex Luthor for this….and he is going to pay.