DC Universe Online Adding New TV and Film-Based Content Around Teen Titans and Aquaman

If you still play DC Universe Online, expect some new content to freshen up your experience. Developer Daybreak Game company recently announced new content The Judas Contract and Atlantis, spotlighting the Teen Titans and Aquaman, respectively.

The classic Teen Titans story The Judas Contract was just adapted in the superhero MMO. With it, new locations such as Titans Tower and Titans Island will be accessible for the first time. Players can also get new gear inspired by Titans members Cyborg and Red Robin. Cyborg will also be getting a visual update in-game, as will Starfire. Characters such as Terra, Damian Wayne, and Jericho make their DC Universe Online debut with this expansion.

The Judas Contract will also update the gameplay experience of DC Universe Online as well. A new Augments system will replace the original R&D mods system. Many players complained about the complexities of the original system, so this will surely be a relief to many. Daybreak has even provided players with a guide on how to use Augments.

The Atlantis expansion promises to be even bigger. Players will find themselves transported to Aquaman’s underwater kingdom. Expect to see Atlantis staples such as Mera, Black Manta, and Aqualad. DC Universe Online already added water powers, the 15th powerset, last year with the Deluge expansion. The Atlantis expansion will be launching in November, coincidentally a month before a certain film releases.

Both Teen Titans and Aquaman have received a renewed focus in the media. Aquaman will be getting his own film this December and has already appeared in last year’s Justice League. The Titans were back in the spotlight after the debut of their upcoming television show, while the more lighthearted Teen Titans Go! To the Movies just released in theaters.

DC Universe Online is free-to-play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The Judas Contract is already available, while Atlantis will be launching in November. Players need to be at least level 10 to access new content.

[Source: Polygon]