Buy Sam & Max on PSN, Get Braid for Free!

PlayStation is sending out emails of a special limited-time offer for two of the best games on the PlayStation Network. Did you get the message? Check now!

Everyone likes sales, right? Of course they do. Not only are they cheaper for the consumer, but because of the price drop more units are usually sold. It’s a great marketing technique. Well if you got the message, you have access to one of the PlayStation Network’s best puzzle games as well as platformers. If you buy the entire season of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse by 11:59 PM on October 31st, you will receive a voucher code for Braid, a $14.99 value, for free!!

It looks like there are a few stipulations to the deal. The email says that the “offer is only valid to the receipient of this email and cannot be transferred.” That makes it sound like if you didn’t receive the email, you won’t be eligible for the deal. It doesn’t appear to be PlayStation Plus related though, so it is most likely being sent out to a bunch of people. PlayStation LifeStyle has reviews up for the first, second, and fifth episodes of Sam & Max, as well as for Braid. Don’t pass this deal up! Check your email today!