Enslaved Writer Got ‘F***ing Sick’ of His PS3

The man who penned 28 Days Later and Enslaved has stated that he only played Heavenly Sword after meeting Ninja Theory because of him being “f***ing sick” of his PlayStation 3.

Alex Garland told Edge during an interview:

“I had not played Heavenly Sword at the moment I met Tameem, then I went and bought it. The reason I hadn’t played it is because I’d bought a PlayStation 3 along with an Xbox 360, and by the time I met Tameem I’d already stopped playing on the PlayStation 3 because I was so f*cking sick of it. There weren’t any original games that really blew me away. I was really into Xbox Live; I was much more into playing Call Of Duty 4 on Xbox Live. So Xbox really had its claws into me, and I just never bought Heavenly Sword.”

Shortly after meeting with developer Ninja Theory Garland played Heavenly Sword and as a result, was impressed enough that he decided to write the story behind Enslaved. The game is now out in North American retailers; expect PlayStation LifeStyle’s review very soon.