Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days – Trophy Guide

Sichuan Specialist (Bronze) – Escape the restaurant in ‘Laying Low’ without being downed on any difficulty.

– This is the forth mission and starts with Kane and Lynch getting ambushed by a swat team in a Chinese restaurant. You need to make your way through the level without getting knocked down. Being knocked down is anytime an indication comes on the screen telling you to hit X to stand up. If this happens simply restart the level. Play through the chapter on easy to make things easier.

Hand of God (Bronze) – Complete a Story Mode mission without dying once on any difficulty.

– This is pretty straight forward just do not die. If you play through on easy this trophy shouldn’t give you much of a problem.

Chinese Waltz (Bronze) – Kill 5 enemies without losing your human shield.

– To take a human shield walk up behind an enemy and press circle. Then you must kill five other enemies without your shield being killed. Again change the difficulty to easy if your having an issue.

Dance Off! (Bronze) – Execute 30 enemies while holding them as human shield.

– Hit circle when your behind an enemy. Then press circle again to execute your human shield. Do this 30 times.

Trigger Happy (Bronze) – Kill 5 enemies in 15 seconds with any pistol whilst not dropping your health below 90%.

– This is pretty straight forward kill five enemies in 15 seconds. The very first level “Welcome to Shanghai” is probably the best area since all you have is a pistol. Play on easy to make your chances better.

Double Happiness (Bronze) – Kill 6 enemies in a row with a shotgun – all of them as one shot kills.

– Again this is straight forward just kill six enemies in a row with a shotgun, one shot kill. Make sure you get closer to your opponents to increase your chances of getting a one shot kill.

Steady Hand (Bronze) – Get 5 headshots in a row using the same clip.

– This can be done with any weapon. You get a few scoped weapons in the later levels that will make this a lot easier. As long as you take your time and and do not reload this is a very easily obtained trophy. If you happen to reload then you will need to start over with your headshot count.

You Want Blood? (Bronze) – 1000 kills.

– This is a combined total from multiplayer and single player. All kills count even if you die and have to replay an area. This will take around three play through’s to get this with the single player only.

A Little Help From a Friend (Bronze) – Complete 1 mission in Co-op.

– Just play with a friend either online or offline. This can be accomplished with two controllers by yourself.

No Going Back (Bronze) – Complete 5 missions in Co-op.

– Like above trophy play co-op either online or offline, and complete five of the 10 story missions. This can be accomplished with two controllers by yourself.

End of the Road (Silver) – Complete Story Mode in Co-op.

– Like above two trophies play co-op either online or offline, and complete all 10 story missions. This can be accomplished with two controllers by yourself.

Giving a Hand (Bronze) – Finish 30 enemies your Co-op partner shot ‘Down Not Dead’.

– The description for this one is kind of confusing. You need to shoot down an opponent (not kill) then have your partner kill him. This will take some time, but this is best done with a friend that is willing to play take there time and help you out. Play on medium difficulty, since hard is to rough and easy  will give you to many quick kills.

Got Your Back (Bronze) – Revive your Co-op partner 10 times.

– When your partner goes down run over to him and press square to revive him. Just repeat this 10 times to get the trophy.

Welcome (Bronze) – Successfully escape once in Arcade Mode or in any Multiplayer Ranked Match.

– During arcade mode you will need to make your way to an escape vehicle. If you can make it to the escaped vehicle and get away you will get this trophy.

Doing Good (Bronze) – Successfully reach round 5 in Arcade Mode.

– This is done during “Fragile Alliance”. Follow your AI team mates around killing anyone in your way. You need to beat the first four levels and just make it to the fifth level not beat it. The first four levels are pretty easy, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Love of Money (Silver) – Successfully reach round 10 in Arcade Mode.

– Arcade mode will have you playing Fragile Alliance with AI bots. The first four rounds are pretty easy and you will just have to stay with your teammates. Once you reach rounds 5-9 it starts to get a little harder. Your teammates will start to become traitors and there will be more cops. Once you reach level 10 you will receive this trophy you do not need to complete level 10.

Greedy Bastard (Bronze) – Earn at least $5,000,000 in every level in Arcade Mode.

– There are six different maps, and you need to collect $5,000,000 on each. Since you are playing against the AI try and back stab them in the early levels. They get increasingly more difficult as you go, so doing it early will make this easier. If you decide to not back stab then this should take roughly 6 rounds to do.

Lightning Looter (Bronze) – Reach $8,000,000 in under 6 minutes of actual playtime in Arcade Mode.

– This is a cumulative total and time. Each round there is a total of $4,000,000 to steal and six minutes to do it in, so you will need to take it all, and finish each round with more then 3 minutes left. Wait until your team has completely taken all the money then kill them all. This can be easily accomplished on the Subway since they all leave in a group. If you have a fire extinguisher you should be able to take most out at once. Again do this during the early rounds to make things easier.

Safe Crime (Bronze) – Finish 5 rounds in a row without getting any penalties in Arcade Mode.

– This isn’t to hard. You must not kill any civilians shoot your team mates to many times  or back stab. Also if you make it to the escape vehicle first do not take the 50/50 deal.

Battle Hardened (Bronze) – Complete one session in each Multiplayer Mode (Ranked Match).

– There are three different modes Cops and Robbers, Fragile Alliance and Undercover Cop. You do not need to win the rounds simply play them.

Addict (Bronze) – Win 20 sessions of Cops & Robers (Ranked Match).

– Each session is made up of multiple rounds. You need to be the side with the most money at the end of each session 20 times.

The Cleaner (Bronze) – Escape as a traitor with 50% of any level’s total loot in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.

– There is $4,000,000 to collect in each round’ so you will need to collect at least $2,000,000. This is best done during the first round on arcade mode. The bots are pretty easy during the first round so this should be a cinch.

Escape from…Anywhere (Bronze) – Successfully escape 25 times in Arcade Mode or in any Multiplayer Ranked Match.

– Once you’ve collected the money in a round you then have to make your way to an escape vehicle. Do this 25 times to get the trophy.

D.I.Y. (Bronze) – Escape with more than $2,500,000 in a round of either Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.

– This is very similar to “The Cleaner” trophy. Each round has $4,000,000 to steal and you need to get at least $2,500,000. Play arcade mode and turn on your teammates in the first round. The AI bots are easiest in the early round so this should be easy.

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