Guerrilla Details Killzone 3 Multiplayer Changes

October 12, 2010Written by Adam G

October 25th marks the date when eager PlayStation Plus members can get their hands on the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta. Speaking at the Eurogamer Expo last week, Steven Ter Heide, lead producer on the game, detailed some of the changes the team have to the multiplayer portion of the game since Killzone 2.

First of all, Ter Heide mentioned the new party system, which will keep all the members of the party together as they switch games. Regular players of games like MAG and Call of Duty should be familiar with this sort of set-up.

Ter Heide also mentioned some of the new modes that Guerrilla were working on. The aptly named Guerrilla Warfare mode is a 24 hour long Team Deathmatch mode, which apparently came into being from strong community support. The Operations mode mixes in the current tried and true Killzone multiplayer matches with cut-scenes and a story. You’re the star in you’re own Killzone multi-player game,” explains Ter Heide.

Lastly,  Ter Heide explains why multiplayer again won’t feature the lean and peak system from single player. Apparently the team have played around with the system extensively and have decided that it slows the game down too much. And, you know, it wouldn’t much good against Jetpacks (oh, I’m sorry, Jumpacks) which can just fly over your cover anyway.