Duke Nukem Forever’s Campaign is as Big as Duke Himself

October 14, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

While 2010 has been chock full of surprises; Duke Nukem Forever‘s announcement was easily the most notable. After 10 years of development and release date announcements that eventually fell through, the final product was finally announced with a release date of 2011. While that’s fine and dandy, many have been wondering if the lengthy development time will play a role in making the game grand. Developer Gearbox Software has the answer.

During an interview with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, Randy revealed that the campaign for Duke Nukem Forever is perhaps as large as Duke himself. Randy stated the following:

“The campaign is huge. It’s probably three times the size of the last Call Of Duty game. And it’s great through and through.”

Although Modern Warfare 2 isn’t the best form of measure, it definitely puts things in perspective. By comparison, Modern Warfare 2‘s single-player was quite varied and lasted about six hours. Will this mean the campaign for Duke Nukem Forever will last over 20 hours? Better yet, will it be memorable? With over a decade of development, one can only imagine how much potential this game has.