Duke Nukem Forever Alive Again!

And the saga of Duke Nukem Forever continues to drag on. After a development cycle just short of my life span, 2k Games has announced that Borderlands developer Gearbox will be picking up where 3D Realms left off. This comes on the heels of rumors that the game was still alive and actually going to release in our lifetime.

It has been very frustrating watching all this go down over the years with the game really running with the name Forever; which is exactly how long the development of the game has taken. 2k Games and Gearbox will be showcasing the game to the press at PAX, which is currently going down so hopefully more details will be released soon.


Here’s some pics of the Duke, courtesy of Eurogamer:

The Duke is set to release in 2011 for the PS3, PC and 360, and is currently playable for those lucky enough to be at PAX.