Don’t Expect a PS3 Tales Game Any Time Soon

Namco Bandai’s Tales franchise has been an a popular, but still niche title in the regions outside of Japan. Because of the lackluster-selling localized releases, don’t hold your breath for a new game soon.

Just to put salt on an already sensitive wound, Namco Bandai has said that the enhanced remakes for Tales of Graces F, originally for the Wii or Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360, are not under consideration to be released outside of Japan. Guess those rumors of Vesperia getting a local release were either untrue or canceled. The port of Tales of Graces would have been the more likely title to release, if it were to happen at all, because the original never left Japan at all. Looks like the only way that Westerners will be play Graces F will be to import it from Play Asia for a staggering $94.

If you don’t want to do that, you can still hold out for the confirmed yet little known Tales of PS3 title, hinted at back in July. But don’t get your hopes up. You can just look at all of these beautiful screens of Tales of Graces F while you go cry.