Red Dead Redemption DLC Seeing Retail Release

October 15, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Red Dead Redemption, one of the best games to come out so far this year, has seen a handful of new DLC released, mostly to add to the multiplayer fun. But what if you are unable to buy content online for whatever reason? Well, it looks like Rockstar will have you covered soon.

Much like what transpired with Grand Theft Auto IV, it has been confirmed to CVG that Rockstar plans on releasing all DLC for Red Dead Redemption to date on a single disc. Dubbed the Undead Nightmare disc, it will include all multiplayer Free Roam modes, the Liars and Cheats, Legends and Killers, Outlaws to the End and of course the upcoming Undead Nightmare DLC packs. The disc will retail for $29.99/£24.99. Not a bad deal, but it becomes even more value-priced when you consider that, much like Episodes From Liberty City, the disc does not require the main game in order to be played. No word on release date for the disc version, however the downloadable version is due for an October 26th release date.