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GTA IV Update Removes a Large Portion of Its Music Library 10 Years After Release

Replaced by new songs as licenses expire.

Trophy Theory: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Online Trophies

The bane of every trophy hunter.

Grand Theft Auto PlayStation Store Sale Starts Today in North America

PlayStation Plus members can save on The Evil Within for PS4, PS3.

$5 PlayStation Store Flash Sale Runs Through This Weekend

Includes Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV,Mortal Kombat, and much more on PS3/PS Vita.

Rockstar: GameSpy Shutdown Removes Online Play or Leaderboards for Multiple Titles

Grand Theft Auto V is unaffected, Red Dead Redemption loses multiplayer leaderboards.

Tomorrow on US/CA PlayStation Plus: March 18th, 2014 – Thomas Was Alone, Unit 13 Free

Luftrausers and SteamWorld Dig are 20% for PlayStation Plus members.

Take-Two Financials: Grand Theft Auto V has Sold Nearly 29 Million, Over 10 Unique Next-Gen Titles in Development

Grand Theft Auto V has already outsold Grand Theft Auto IV.

Ask PSLS: Have You Ever Hated a Character So Much That it Stopped You From Playing the Game?

Your eyes aren’t prepared for Sebastian’s answer.

September 2013 European PSN Sales Charts: Grand Theft Auto V Breaks Digital Sales Record Held by The Last of Us

Cross Buy titles are counted separately.

Great Grand Theft Auto V Deal at Toys R Us, Guaranteed $30 Trade-In at GameStop, 2nd Highest Rated PS3 Game on Metacritic, Highest 360 Game

Rockstar is still #1 and #2 on Metacritic right now though.

HMV: Grand Theft Auto V “Probably the Best Thing” That Could Happen to Current Gen With Next-Gen Around the Corner

Grand Theft Auto IV has been “flying off the shelves in anticipation.”

August 2013 PSN Sales Charts in Europe Led by PayDay 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, DuckTales: Remastered

Grand Theft Auto IV appears twice.

Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto V: “Compared to GTA IV This Definitely Feels Next Generation to us”

So it shouldn’t be hard to bring it to PS4, right?

Take-Two Posts Their Q1 FY 2014 Financials: BioShock Infinite Over 4 Million, Expects up to $800 Million Revenue This Quarter

Any quarter with a new Grand Theft Auto is going to be big.

Tomorrow on US/CA PlayStation Plus: April 16th, 2013 – Malicious Free, Grand Theft Auto Franchise Sale

Also, we preview the April 23rd update.

Daily Reaction: PS4 and Xbox 720: What the Next Gen Means For Console Exclusives

Only on PlayStation LifeStyle

Pachter: GTA Won’t Maintain Position as Biggest Mainstream Franchise

Grand Theft Auto is arguably the biggest mainstream franchise in gaming, butRead the full article…

Rockstar Looking for GTA V Voice Actors?

Grand Theft Auto IV released in late 2008, and while episodic DLCRead the full article…