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Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Patch 1.07 Moves Online Play From GameSpy to Sony

As we’ve known for some time, the closure of GameSpy’s servers led to changes in many different Rockstar titles and their online functionality. One of these titles is Grand Theft Auto IV, which saw its main online multiplayer unaffected, but the Social Club website stat tracking and leaderboards, along with the in-game multiplayer leaderboards, removed.

To complete the transition of online play from GameSpy to Sony’s online matchmaking service, Rockstar has released patch 1.07 for Grand Theft Auto IV, which carries this singular patch note:

  • Removal of GameSpy online service, which has been replaced by Sony Matchmaking Service.

The patch may be slightly different in your region, with Rockstar explaining:

Please Note: This Title Update is 1.08 for the main GTA IV North American version. Here are the versions for EFLC and other regions.

  • Grand Theft Auto IV North American and European – 1.07
  • Gtand Theft Auto IV Japanese – 1.03
  • Episodes from Liberty City (all regions) – 1.01 
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Complete (all regions) – 1.01

As of 6/13/14, these updates are all live except for Episodes from Liberty City. We will update this article when all Title Updates are live.

Are you still playing Grand Theft Auto IV?

[Source: Rockstar]