Medal of Honor Infiltrates 1.5 Million Homes

October 20, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

The Medal of Honor franchise reboot raised a substantial amount of attention thanks to its controversial nature. The developers and publishers of the game at Electronic Arts were banking on this as their high investment in the PlayStation 3 title required them to sell at least 3 million copies for the series to progress into future installment. If the publishers are to be believed, the first-person shooter is already half-way there. Upon the game’s release, EA went on record and stated that Medal of Honor was off to a “great” start. To back this claim up, the video gaming giant has revealed the title’s sales numbers for the first week the game was on the market. According to EA, Medal of Honor has sold a total of 1.5 million copies worldwide, in the first five days.

“Medal of Honor is part of a larger EA strategy to take share in the shooter category. This is a marathon not a sprint — today’s Medal of Honor launch represents a step forward in that race.”

It goes without saying that the popularity of the Call of Duty series by Activison is expected to overshadow EA’s Medal of Honor, especially with the next CoD coming out in a matter of weeks but, now that the game is out and millions have experienced it, does EA stand a chance at taking over the market?