Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Coming Home Next Week

October 21, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

If you’re a fan of PlayStation Home and enjoy jumping into the latest Threads week-after-week, then LucasArts has you covered with a slew of new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II items set to hit the social gaming service next week.

Ever since LucasArts made their debut in Home, we’re sure many of you have been itching for some dual-wielding lightsaber action, not to mention the ability to suit yourself up as Darth Vader’s young apprentice. Well, those days of waiting are over, as official Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II items will be hitting the LucasArts store in the Home Mall next Thursday, November 28th. The choice is yours; go good and dual-wield using the light side of the force as a Jedi, or snag a black lightsaber (available now) and go all Sith on your fellow Home brethren. No word yet if further items will be included as unlockables via the game itself, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.